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Parking is always limited on campus, especially when sports or theatrical events are taking place on the weekend. Allow plenty of time to find parking and walk to the concert. There is always parking in the covered parking garage west of Schoellkopf stadium, adjoining Hoy Field.

Call Auditorium is located in Kennedy Hall at the west end ("bottom") of the Ag Quad, at the corner of Tower Road and Garden Avenue, and across Garden Avenue from the plaza in front of Bailey Hall. There is sometimes parking available on Tower Road and in the long narrow parking lot between Tower Road and the alumni fields, unless there is a sports event on campus that evening. The upstairs exit from the Schoellkopf parking garage is just one block from Kennedy Hall, at the end of Garden Ave.

McGraw Hall is located on the west side of main quadrangle, just to the right of the statue of Ezra Cornell, and the second building north of the library tower. There is a long narrow parking lot behind the building, reached by turning off of University Avenue at the Johnson Art Museum, but this lot usually fills up early in the evening. Construction has closed part of University Avenue. Check the detailed directions!

Hollis Cornell Auditorium is located in Goldwin Smith Hall, on the east side of the main quadrangle directly behind the statue of Andrew Dickson White. The most convenient parking is in the long lot behind Morrill, McGraw and White Halls, but this is often filled on Saturday nights. Park along Tower Road or in the Schoellkopf parking garage and walk down Tower Road -- about three blocks total. When Tower Road ends at East Avenue, Goldwin Smith Hall will be at about two o'clock, nestled a bit below the road.